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Blues Creek Golf Course

Blues Creek Golf course is located approximately three miles north of US 33 on State Route 4.  It is situated on 134 acres in the Northwest part of Union County.  It was established as a nine-hole golf course in 1977 by Ronald L. Bayes (“Ron”) with the help of his family, friends, and golf-buddies.  This original first nine holes was designed by ____________.   Robert Bayes, Ron’s brother, owned the golf course for a few years but sold it back to Ron and in 1998, Ron sold the golf course to C&G Golf, LLC which was a partnership between Dr. Kenneth N. Carpenter, (a family doctor in Dublin who died of cancer in 2012) and Charles F. Gual, of Plain City.  In the spring of 1999, C&G Golf, LLC purchased approximately 50 acres of land next to the existing golf course and built a second nine holes which was designed by ____________.  In the spring of 2004, Leslie P. Christman, a CPA from Powell, purchased the golf course from C&G Golf, LLC.  In late 2005, Golf Course Architect Brian Huntley, was hired and since then the following changes were made to the golf course:

  1. Constructed a new hole # 1;

  2. Converted the original hole #1 to hole #10;

  3. Converted hole #10 to hole #11;

  4. Eliminated the original hole #11;

  5. Changed tee boxes on hole #12 coming from the west side versus the north side of the green;

  6. Changed tee boxes on hole #13 from the south side to the west side of the green;

  7. Converted hole #14 to a par 5 by clearing trees and building new tees on top of the hill;

  8. Extended back tee on holes #3, #6, #15;

  9. Built new tee boxes on holes 16, 17, and 18;

  10. Built new green for hole #17.

At the same time of the construction progress a new Toro irrigation system was also installed.  In the fall of 2018, under the supervision of Duane Joseph, the golf course superintendent, we completed a major renovation of the bunkers (sand traps) and in 2019 and 2020, the ponds on holes # 3, #5, and # 8 were drained and reconstructed.  

The course is not a long course but it is a par 70 with extremely narrow, tree-lined fairways with small greens.  If you hit the ball straight, you can score but miss a fairway and you will generate a big number.  

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